Monday, 21 December 2009

Weekly Weigh In 50

Weigh in in the landfill bag this week was 133g.

Not sure how this happened, thought we were eating similar foods to usual, but heyho; at least it is in the right direction.

Although the bin was nowhere near full I put it out for collection, because I just know some stuff will appear over the next 2 weeks that will have to go into it. I will put it out again on Mon 4 Jan, so we can start our new year with an empty bin.


  1. I don't know how you've done it. We recycle most things that are recyclable and I try to avoid unneccessary packaging, but it seems hard to avoid a lot of the time and our rubbish has to be a few kilos most weeks, although I should try weighing it if I ever have the time as sometimes it's more bulk than weight.

    What will you do next year? Will you try to keep up the low waste lifestyle or will you sigh with relief and reach for a takeaway or whatever you have been missing?

  2. Thanks Karin,

    I'm not quite sure how we do it either.

    The main thing I think is that I don't really buy processed foods;so that is a big reduction from the start.

    I also try to buy things in either glass or cans even if a little more expensive.

    Ketchup and tomato puree are prime examples, I buy one plastic ketchup bottle in my xmas shop which is then refilled over the year from glass bottles(I like the plastic for safety even now the boys are teenagers); tomato puree I buy either in the jars or the little cans and freeze the unused portion for the next use (no squeezy tube to deal with).
    It has also helped that I have a space where I can store things which can only be recycled at HRC, so they are not cluttering up the kitchen etc. I then do a trip once every 2-3 months so this isn't a major impact.

    As for next year and herein after we shall continue, this is now a lifestyle choice; we do have takeaways but ususally the variety which has recyclable packaging (fish and chips- all paper or chinese- plastic tubs which can be reused then recycled at HRC).

    Thanks for your comments

  3. I tend to choose glass and tins, although I believe metal tubes with plastic lids can be recycled and put in our mixed plastic and cans recycling basket. I was told aerosol cans could be put in there.

    It is possible most of our kitchen landfill waste is produced by our young adult son who cooks for himself. I do rescue the odd apple core and recyclable plastic container but he also has a fair amount of non-recyclable packaging. I'll have to try and do a rubbish audit sometime.

    I'm glad you find this has become a way of life for you.

  4. 133 is very good. I have really enjoyed reading this blog this year. Are you going to continue this next year?

  5. Hi Susan yes its all set up to start at midnight on New Years Eve.