Monday, 23 February 2009

Weekly Weigh In 7

This week our bag weighs in at 292g.

This is under my 300g target.

Although during the week we have had a major clearout of 2 sheds resulting in 2 car loads to be taken to the "tip" HWRC.

One was all recyclable items which can only go to HWRC, including some old pots of paint that had set and congealed.

The other load was all RUBBISH, bagged up into 7 bin liners, it is totally surprising how much "stuff" can be accumulated and put out of sight until you need to use the space.

Now both sheds are fully functional with a dedicated area for me for the recyclable items which can't go in the doorstep collection but can be taken to HWRC.

This also means I don't now have a box of the above mentioned recycling permanently in the corner of the kitchen.

So although we have added the 7 bin bags to the landfill our own little space is more clean and alot less cluttered.


  1. Hiya :) A really productive week for you; decluttering is a double edged sword - it feels great to create that space, but ultimately we end up with a lot of landfill stuff.

    Still, you now have a great recycling area and this is a 'one off' - your usual household rubbish is within your target, which is excellent news.

    You've done really well and I hope you are pleased with your efforts :)

  2. thanks,

    I was initially concerned about the amount of stuff we cleared, but at least g=half if not more was recycled.

    the new area also means its easier to tell the boys where to put things as before it didn't always get sorted at source, and they got frustrated.