Monday, 2 February 2009

Weekly Weigh In 4

This weeks bag weighed in at 290g

It consisted of :

1 pearl barley bag

4 crisp packets

2 waxed cheese wrappers

2 plastic wrappers which can't be recycled

4 carrier bags which had gone past reuse

a few bits which dave had put in which I couldn't be bothered to pick back out including the yogurt from his lunch box on Friday.

The recycling bin was also only half empty and that is after 2 weeks, so a big reduction there this time.


  1. Another superb week - well done! Are the carrier bags dirty or could they go into the supermarket recycling containers?

    Amazing how everything we are left with is plastic eh? It's time for the Govt to take action on this one and force manufacturers to stick to just a small variety of plastics; all of which can be recycled..........

  2. They were the degradable type which is supposed to contaminate the normal recyclable plastics.

    I totally agree about the totally recyclable plastics only being used.

    I bought some burgers from Co-op on Sat, black plastic tub PET recyclable here film cover marked on label as PET so again reyclable.

  3. We can't recycled black PET around here. It gets more and more frustrating!

  4. YAY for so little waste!! :)

    The plastics from food do get frustrating, yeah.. I wish I could buy everything with my own containers!!

    Am a bit sketchy about recycling bags from shops.. read somewhere they sometimes land dumped and burnt anyway..(?) So I try to reduce, reduce, reduce & use my own..