Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bin or No Bin

Over the past few weeks I have been deliberating as to whether or not to keep my 45ltr kitchen bin.

It is hardly ever used and even when it is I usually end up fishing out whatever has been put into it.

My plan/idea is to put a small lined box for using for landfill rubbish, and to also utilise the space previously used for the bin with either a butchers block type trolley or a folding table which can be brought out when extra work surface is needed.

This would mean 2 things I would have more work surface when it is needed, and the bin would not be there for just throwing things into.

It would also mean that the boys and Dave would have to think a bit more about where things go, as as good as they are some things get thrown into the bin without thinking; especially if it isn't a "normal" item.


  1. I've been thinking along the same lines myself. Ever since I started on my zero waste challenge I have been using a small paper bag perched on top of our kitchen bin. I find it easier to keep an eye on what we are throwing away and to weigh it at the end of each week. I have my eye on a smaller container in our back garden which might fit the bill. Then I could use my existing bin to grow potatoes!

  2. I'm still thinking about how to organise our bins/'recycling center' too!!

    We have a larger bin (pic on my blog) & people do get tempted to throw in unwanted stuff too.. (especially if anyone's been ill or such..)

    & I hate fishing stuff out too!! :)

    justGai, your idea makes me think we could have 2 'bins' out of one compartment - or maybe even just the bathroom bin as 'real' bin? (maybe too exciting for our family at the mo though-?!)