Thursday, 21 May 2009

Compacting my Recyclables

I have always crushed the cans etc which go into the kerbside recycling bin (boys jump on them usually); but papers just got tossed in there regardless, so I decided to look at a way of making it neater.

I use at least a couple of flour bags every week with baking my own bread and cakes etc; so I looked at these and decided that all small pieces of paper like labels from cans etc can be put inside one of these and then the whole bag put into the recycling bin.

I know this isn't a major thing but I thought about it when I was adding some foil the my foil ball, and thought that maybe if small bits of foil can clog the machine then probably paper will do the same; it also keeps it tidier inside the box I collect it in before putting into the recycling bin.


  1. I think it's best to ask at your recycling facilities how they prefer it - I'm still a bit unsure on how it is here, am planning to ask & find out though!!

    I've seen it online that some facilities prefer uncrushed tins etc, so it seems like something that is good to know!! :)

  2. Hi Laylaa, thanks for your comments.

    We are asked to crush cans etc, I am really just putting all the small bits of paper into one larger bag than loose in the bin.