Friday, 21 August 2009

A Day in the Life Of

Over on MZW Mrs Green has done a "Day in the Life Of" and she asked her readers to do the same.

Here goes:

This is a typical day whilst the boys are on school holidays.

6.45am - alarm goes off

7.00am - Myself and Dave get up, we have a cup of tea, I make his pack up and put an extra load of laundry in if needed. I also make the bread dough into whatever bread I want for the day and put to prove whilst the oven is heating, if we need cakes then these are also made at the same time.

8.00am - Dave goes to work, I put bread and cakes into oven to bake; prepare the dinner to put in the slow cooker if using. I then peg out first load of laundry. Obviously I am checking the bread and cakes as well. The computer is switched on so it is ready for checking online banking. ( I try to do this daily)

9.00am - The second load is usually finished by now so this also gets pegged out. I then empty the dishwasher as this has been running overnight on economy 7 electricity.

9.30am - David gets up, I chat to him and check emails, blogs, facebook etc.

10.00am - David has breakfast usually cereal, ice cold milk and fresh orange, he watches some tv.
Tom usually surfaces around this time, he gets himself a cup of tea and some cereal, has to be hot milk.
I will then put away the laundry from the day before, and quick clean the bathroom.The boys make their beds and ensure their rooms are tidy.

11.00am - Coffee break, I check emails etc again, boys are either already playing outside or are on Playstation or Wii, this depends alot on the weather.

11.30am - Hoover the upstairs and gather laundry which will go in overnight. This is the time I would also spend half hour doing a bit of sorting out.

12.30pm - get boys their lunch (usually been complaining hungry before now)

1.00pm - I have my own lunch and check emails etc again, the boys will have gone back outside with their friends,(only usually see them now when they want a drink or a snack). I would spend some time reading maybe or do some extra sorting and hoover downstairs.

4.30pm - Dave comes home, we have a cup of tea and catch up on the day.

5.30pm - David usually comes in and spends and hour on the PC on MSN, Facebook and the online games he likes.

6.00pm - I will prepare dinner if not done earlier in day.

6.30pm - I prepare the remainder of dinner, the boys set the table etc.

7.00pm - we eat dinner, the boys clear the table, I load the dishwasher so it can be put on timer to run overnight. I also load the bread machine and set the timer. I set the washer as well on its timer. Myself and Dave will either read or watch tv, we also sometimes sit outside with a cup of tea. The boys both go back outside with their friends, they usually come in approx 8.30pm.
Tom then has approx 1 hour to catch up with his other friends on MSN, Facebook etc (certainly cheaper than him phoning all of them).
David either watches tv with us or a dvd in his room or goes on Playstation or Wii.

9.30pm - David goes to bed, Tom either comes and watches tv with us or goes to his room

10.00pm Tom goes to bed

11.00pm Myself and Dave go to bed.

NB: If the weather isn't nice enough in the evening for the boys to be outside playing then often we have family games of cards etc.

Also we only have the one family PC which is situated in the dining room so I can monitor activity at all times.


  1. Wowee, you're a busy lady! I love how one of your boys has to have ice cold milk and the other hot LOL!

    I find that putting on the washing machine last thing at night has really helped me keep on top of the laundry. We don't have economy 7, but the routine of being able to put it on the line first thing means I no longer have too much wet washing to deal with :)

    You sound very organised; are you naturally that way or is it something you've learned to do?

  2. Its abit of both really I suppose.

    I like to have things planned out so the laundry and the cooking come under that,plus with the economy 7 it saves us money; but things i don't like doing , say hoovering, I have had to learn to add in to the day otherwise it doesn't get done.I'd quite happily be on the PC all!