Monday, 3 August 2009

Weekly Weigh In 30

This weeks landfill bag weighs in at 187g.

There is however an extra bag this week as we had some of Tom's friends over for a BBQ/games night. This weighed in at 400g.

Including Tom and David there were 12 lads ranging in age from 11 to 19.

I had set up 2 bins one for rubbish and one for recycling; they were all very good and put things in the right bins.

We had said we would sort the food if they all brought their own drinks, but they all brought some food as well.

I did a cooked breakfast for them when they got up at 9am and including this between them they devoured the following:

48 sausages, 24 rashers of bacon, 3kg new potatoes, 24 burgers, 20 drumsticks, 36 bread buns (hm), 2 whole cucumbers, 2 whole celery, approx 50 cherry tomatoes, 36 millies cookies(hm), 2 marble cakes(hm), 12 gingerbread muffins (hm), 24 bags of crisps, 2 loaves of white sliced bread.

They also had a few cans of beer/cider and bottles of pop.


  1. Wow! you know how to cater! I bet they had a wonderful time and you sure found the way to their hearts LOL!

    What a great week and one full of memories for Tom and his friends.

  2. me again. I just looked on your recipe site for the gingerbread muffins - they sound good. Do you have a recipe to share?