Friday, 4 September 2009

National Zero Waste Week

Over at MZW Mrs Green has declared next week National Zero Waste Week.

So pop over and have a look at some interesting articles to inspire you to join in and have your own Zero Waste Week.

Myself I am going to not buy any biscuits/choc bars/sweets unless the packaging is totally recyclable.

So I will have to get my baking head on, and also look very carefully at my purchases.

Crisps are also gradually being replaced by pop corn done on the stove with either a little salt or a little sugar sprinkled over as soon as it comes out of the pan.
It does mean there is one plastic bag per week that the corn came in but that is preferable to 20 odd crisp packets plus outer bags.


  1. Thank you for the mention Maisie and I think your goal is brilliant. I should get back into making popcorn; although LMG isn't fond of the husks you sometimes get left with in the middle of the corn - is that a sign of a bad product or an incorrect cooking method? Or just the nature of popcorn.
    She is incredibly sensitive to texture things; especially with food...

    Anyway, best of luck next week; your famnily will feast like kings :)

  2. I think it is just part of home cooking pop corn.

    I have found it is best to cook 2 smaller batches than try to do 1 big one when i need enough for 5/6 lads.