Monday, 21 September 2009

Weekly Weigh In 37

This weeks landfill bag weighed in at 198g.

As this is just under my target weight of 200g I am happy.

I'm quite surprised though as the boys have been on an eating frenzy.

We have however come to a compromise on chocolate bars (penguins etc); I will not be buying these any more but instead will buy some poppets or smarties which both come in cardboard boxes/tubes only, if bought individually, only just not as many due to the price increase.

I am still baking up a storm and to that end have not purchased any biscuits for at least 3 weeks, which also means hardly any waste, only baking ingredients wrappers, most of which are recyclable.


  1. What great news on the baking front, Maisie - I bet your boys are happy with all that home baked yumminess.

    I surpassed myself yesterday with a 'blackberry regal cake' (DH's choice of name) It was magnificent after a bumper blackberry hunt in the hedgerows.

    Well done on another great week!

  2. Any chance of a recipe for the blackberry regal.