Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Food Waste

Following on with the ideas to not have any waste I have been looking at how to eliminate food waste.

As a family we do pretty well anyway not to have food waste, any that would normally go in the bin is given to the dogs at Dave's work.

But things can still be improved.

I had a couple of things in the veg box from last week which were getting past their best and needed using as the new box is delivered each Wednesday, these would have ended up in the compost bin.

There was half a cabbage, a small cauliflower and a small leek.

I had some chicken stock from boiling up the carcass from Sunday's lunch, so all veggies were shredded/diced fried off in a bit of butter, then added to the stock, simmer until nearly cooked, whizz up to a chunky puree, add in a handful of pearl barley(last bit in packet) and a handful of orange lentils, and some leftover mashed potato for thickner.

Serve with hm bread and a sprinkling of grated mature cheddar.

Lovely lunch for me for the next couple of days and a couple of portions for the freezer as well.


  1. Wow, that soup sounds yummy. I find that if I add cauliflower or broccoli to soups it tends to taste a bit weird. I guess I cook them for too long?
    I must dig out some pearl barley; I know I have some somewhere, I just don't think to use it regularly.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. I think it is an aquired taste.

    Dave loves cauliflower/broccoli cheese but hate cauliflower/broccoli soup.

    I have a shelf in the freezer at the moment which has a variety of 5/6 different soups, so it doesn't get boring.

  3. Hi Maisie - guess whose tip at The Rubbish Diet got submitted to :-D xx