Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Washiing Liquid

I have been reading over at

and found this recipe for a washing liquid which contains only natural ingredients.

I will be giving this a whirl in the next couple of weeks as although I don't use much washing powder and then only for dirty/smelly items this will be better.

1 x bar of pure soap•
1 x saucepan {an old one if you have it}•
1 x cup soda crystals•
1/2 cup borax•
0.5 litre + 5 litres water•
1 x large plastic clean bucket•
wooden or steel spoon

I use the American cup for measuring as I find it easier.

Grate soap with a cheese grater & place in the saucepan with the ½ litre of water.
Heat this while stirring until soap dissolves.
Take saucepan off the heat.
Fill bucket with the 5 litres of water.
Add soda crystals & stir until dissolved.
Then add soap mixture from saucepan & stir until fully dissolved.
This will thicken as it cools -
Adding some essential oil makes a nice scent.
Add more or less water depending on the consistency desired then transfer liquid into bottles using a funnel.
Use one cup per wash.

Note: this liquid does NOT make suds. It has no foaming agent that is usually added to commercial liquids. Despite this it’s an excellent “green” cleaner that contains no phosphates.
Takes about 30 mins to make 10 pints.Cost approx £0.49 pence per batch.


  1. Wow! That looks really good stuff! I might give that a go myself :0 Thanks for posting this :D

  2. excellent. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time but I'm a bit unsure about soap in this area as we have hard water and I can just see soap scum on everything. I might give it a try though; esp. as my last box of ecover was nearly £6!!