Thursday, 2 July 2009

School Trip

I'm not actually sure if this should be on here or my sister blog.

Anyway yesterday I went with the yr 4 students to our local Wildlife/Coastguard/RAF bombing range at Donna Nook.

The children were taught about beach safety by the coastguards, taken into the watch tower by the RAF and received a talk on the Coastal Environment by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

The third of the 3 concentrated on how litter and rubbish can affect the birds and sealife around the Lincolnshire Coast, including the Grey Seals who annually come to the beach at Donna Nook to give birth to their pups.

The speaker explained to the children how a waste balloon or carrier bag can look like a jellyfish from underneath and showed pictures of the effects from the animals eating such items.

He also showed items of litter he had picked up off the beach which had either sell by dates or competition dates on showing how old the plastic was, and explaining how even though there is information on the internet quoting that sweet and chocolate wrappers will disintegrate in 3-5 yrs he had some which were 15-20 years old. He then showed the children a washing up liquid bottle that he had picked up that morning which was priced marked in "old money (d)" so showing that this bottle was still around after at least 40 yrs.

Another aspect he touched on was how dogs running free on the beach had a detrimental effect on the sand and grassland nesting birds, frightening them away to the point that one area a little up the coast from there does not now have any birds nesting from those types.

Hopefully some of the information will have been taken in and will be remembered.

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  1. What an amazing day; I'm sure some of that will have stuck in these children's minds. What a wonderful opportunity and I was amazed to hear about the washing up liquid bottle in 'old money; - that's incredible isn't it?

    Shocking stuff.