Monday, 6 July 2009

Weekly Weigh In 26

The landfill bag weighed in at 189g this week.

This week has seen a few things used up from the freezer which were in landfill wrappers; all I hasten to add bought before I got really into looking at all packaging with a microscope and deciding whether or not to buy said product.

There are still certain items which I can't find a suitable (choice/cost) alternative for and for now these will just have to be put into landfill as and when used.

I know others out there have children, so this not an excuse but it would be alot simpler if I didn't have to take their thoughts/choices into consideration; but then we as a family like our boys to make their own descisions about things.

David has still not eaten any crisps/quavers etc since New Years Day, I'm not really sure about the reasoning behind this descision, but for an 11 yr old who used to eat at least one if not two packets daily that is very good going. He hasn't seemed to miss them either.

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  1. Well done Maisie; as you know we still have lots of things around the house from our pre 'zero waste' days. These gradually get used and replaced by better choices.

    What a great achievement from David; you must be so proud!