Monday, 5 October 2009

Weekly Weigh In 39

This weeks landfill bag weighed in at 193g, so under my comfort zone total, however there were quite a few silly bits of plastic in that.

The boys decided to spend their pocket money and biked to the shop to get sweets etc, all the plastic wrapped variety of course.

I could in theory not include those as these were not something I would purchase but it is household landfill waste so it is being included.

Apart from those sweet wrappers the rest was packaging that is unavoidable for things that we like/use and there isn't a suitable alternative for or that we already had in the house.

3 x yogurt mix packets (foil backed plastic sachets)
2 x cheese wrappers
2 x sausage wrappers
2 x pizza wrappers
1 x toothpaste tube
3 x blister packets (paracetamol and strepsils)
plastic bag meat wrappings


  1. Hi Maisie,

    thankfully LMG is not allowed to go to the shops unattended at the moment, so things like that can't slip in unnoticed!!

    It's good that you're writing down what is in the bin as this helps give us focus. I saw in budgens this week the cheese is wrapped in just clingfilm; this is far less waste than the thick plastic packaging.

    Have you tried making yogurt without the packs; just by using some old yogurt?

  2. It is the flavoured ones the boys like best especially Tom, he only really likes the Mango floavour, will at a push eat a corner yog. At least if i do get any yogs in pots now I can put them in my recycling bin, I found out yesterday.

    Tesco do have cheese wrapped in just cling but the packets I had this week were from th PO.