Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Weekly Weigh In 41

This weeks landfill bag weighed in at 204g, so only just over my target.

The main culprits were again non-recyclable plastics.

6 crisp packets
1 paracetamol blister pack
2 sore throat lozenge blister packs
pasta shapes bag
2 bags which fish and flour had been in
2 cheese wrappers
chicken wrapper

and although a couple of these can be found in less weighty wrappers (cheese in clingfilm), sore throat lozenges (plasticised paper); these were what were available when I made the purchases.

I am not too concerned that I'm over my target, but will again look at what I'm purchasing and consider other options.

When in Tesco last night I noticed that their value 2 pack kitchen roll was the same price as their own label recycled kitchen roll.

1 comment:

  1. Well done again Maisie; it's only a fraction above your target - I hope someone hasn't been too unwell wiht those paracetamol and throat sweets.

    Thanks for the tip about tesco kitchen towel and for the reminder about baking week!