Monday, 12 October 2009

Weekly Weigh In 40

This weeks household landfill bag weighed in at 186g, so under my target zone again.

There were this week however some of those monthly plastic items:
razor blade refill and packaging
toothpaste tube
spagetti wrapper
macaroni wrapper
brown sugar bag

There was also extra to this weighed amount some puppy poo bags. Dave's work have got a new puppy, but it is too small to be left overnight as yet, and as all the other workers have dogs we were asked if we would look after it, so there will be some extra from this but I'm not going to include it as this isn't part of our normal day to day rubbish.

If we were to have a dog ourselves I would get one of those dog poo composters that go in the garden.


  1. well done again, you're doing so well. How often do you actually put your bin out for collection now?

    Puppy sounds cute!

  2. it usually is once every 3 months, but may have to increase due to puppy, but that is a short term thing