Monday, 29 June 2009

Weekly Weigh In 25

This weeks bag weighed in at 187g, so again under my 200g target.

Tom has had some friends around this weekend who have brought sweets etc and obviously the wrappers go into my bin, so taking this into account the total is good.

I finally got my other plastics etc taken to the HWRC yesterday, so that is another job out of the way. I didn't notice any other recepticles for new items this time; but the sign at the gate stated that 80% was recycled this last week.

So a big yah to East Lindsey District Council.


  1. Hello :)

    I found you through Layla's Adventures blog.

    Can't believe you have only 187g of landfill rubbish - thats amazing! I think we have 10x that, actually I might start weighing my rubbish and see!!

    I look forward to reading about your rubbish in the future! :D

  2. Well done Maisie; you're doing so well. When you're counting the grams, a weekend visit can make such a difference, but you're still below your target :)

    School holidays coming up soon; do you think that makes a difference?

    Just noticed the links to the books you recommend too - thank you so much for listing mine :)

  3. Hi Rae, the school holidays do pose problems in some ways but then if I am prepared I can have ZW snacks available which they can just grab and go.

    It is more if we go out for the day and take packup, as the waste then can add up.

    Obviously with the hot weather they do drink alot more squash, well diluted of course so that increases the recycling element of our waste; can't get them to drink water no matter what.