Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bulk Purchase Mince

I always bulk purchase my mince from the butchers in 5lb bags; and then usually bag up into meal size potions.

This then creates the main bag plus the individual bags as they are used.

I have been thinking about this for a while and then hit on the idea "Why not use my margarine tubs".

So instead of individual meal portions in bags they are now frozen in the margarine tubs, which although can be recycled at the HWRC, are better being reused as much as possible first; and a 500g margarine tub just hold the right amount we need for a meal.

This also means that they can be stacked neatly in the freezer.

And the best thing only one bag to put into the bin rather than lots of little ones.


  1. oh, now this is brilliant! We don't use margarine containers, but I could put some plastic yogurt pots to good use.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I've never bought meat in bulk, but this sounds like a good economical move.

    Mrs g x

  2. As I travel to the butchers farm shop it makes the petrol cost effective to buy in bulk.

    I will oftem buy a months worth of mince, chops etc, then bag up at home.

    Plus they often have good deals on bulk purchases like buy 3lb get 1lb free etc.