Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Beginings

I have today collected all the recycling and landfill rubbish ready for the bins going out on Monday.

Although the recycling bin is overflowing so extras will have to be put into a box as well, the landfill bin is approx three quarters full, which considering this includes all the Christmas rubbish, is good as it also has 3 bags of fire clinker.

The bins will both be emptied on Monday and then we will begin again in earnest at reducing the amount to go to landfill.


  1. What a fab result and it will feel so good to have everything taken away on Monday, ready to begin with a fresh start.

    I read that you aim to put your bin our 4 times this year; that is a fantastic goal and you know I'm going to be cheering you on to achieve this!

    Mrs G x

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!

  3. empty bin 4 times a year: sounds wonderful!

    everybody has sinned a bit for Christmas/New Years.. (or, our relatives have..) so it will be good to start with a clean slate!