Monday, 26 January 2009

Weekly Weigh In 3

This weeks landfill rubbish weighed in at 270g

This consisted of:
the usual twisted and knotted crisp packets (14), (David is still not eating crisps);
a waxed cheese wrapper,
a butter foil paper,
a sliced ham packet (boys wanted wraps for snacks this last week),
3 plastic bags which can't be recycled,
3 meat wrapper from the PO butchers which again can't be recycled.
a bag from the basmati rice ( I do bulk buy this but do have a bag every so often)
a spagetti wrapper
a yeast wrapper (dove farm - can't give me full info for recycling this)

The compostable bin was approx half full, and the recycling bin is also half full .


  1. Hey well done; that's great. I'm having an issue with the yeast thing too. To buy a packet bread mix means just a paper bag to compost or recycle, but to make it by hand (which I prefer if possible) requires using yeast and so far I don't have a zero waste product for this.
    Ho hum. Don't even mention fresh yeast; I'm not ready for that **at all**!

    Another great week for you though; I bet you're pleased :)

  2. Yes well pleased, thought it would weigh more than that.

    It was a carrier bag size which is what I'm aiming for.

    I don't like fresh yeast either, I use the dove farm one in the bread machine to make the dough then bake in the oven as I managed to get hold of a tin the same size as the supermarkets split tin loaf.
    I make one of these size loaves most days.

  3. How do you store the doves farm yeast? I bought one pack of it, but every loaf was like rock. Mind you, that could be me; I'm not good at making bread.

  4. I have 2 small allinsons yeast tins which the pack of doves farm fits nicely between.

    As I make a loaf most days and am now on donut making a couple of times a week it doesn't hang about long enough to go off.