Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Clothes Pegs

Yesterday I bought some clothes pegs from Tesco, they are made by acompany called Ecoforce .

They are
100% recycled pre and post consumer waste plastic.
100% recyclable
100% metal free

The only blip I can see at the moment is the packaging is type 5 (PP) which we all know is not very easily recyclable.

I emailed them asking if they would consider a more eco-friendly style of packaging.

Their response to my email was:

"The pegs are also PP. Unfortunatly there is no cost effective alternative to PP film at this time that suits oiur process."

So although these pegs tick a few of the boxes they are still not completely eco-friendly. But in the bigger scheme of things they are definitely a step in th right direction.

1 comment:

  1. I like wooden pegs and if they are made from well-managed forests they are sustainable. I wouldn't have thought the metal would be a problem. If we were to be short of steel we could recycle it, and my pegs have not been known to rust.

    However, if you like that sort of peg it is a good way to recycle the plastic.