Friday, 6 March 2009

Mobile Phones

I have just heard of a great website which sells recycled Pay As You Go mobile phones. They do not include SIM cards.

It is .

Thousands of perfectly good mobile phones are put into landfill each year just because they are not the latest.

These recycled ones would be very good for a child to have as a first phone when starting secondary school.

The other main positive about this system is that new phones don't have to be made to meet demand. Which in turn helps save all the precious resources which are used in the making of just one mobile phone.

I have no affiliation to this company but think it is a great idea and will be looking at it when I have to replace my phone.

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  1. I think quite a few charities can benefit from old mobile phones, too, presumably by selling them for re-use.

    I gave my last (and first) one to the Body Shop who were re-using them for women in danger of attack to use to raise the alarm. I don't know if they are still doing that as it was a few years ago.