Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I was sorting the bag of old clean clothes which can't be passed on to someone or donated to the charity shop, or used as rags.

We have a collection a couple of times ayear in David's school through a company called , this company pays by weight and the items are then sold on to either Eastern European or Asian countires or at worst flocked to make filler for beds and the like.

Our school only has 49 families and we regularly raise £200 per year doing this.

It is a good way of keeping otherwise useless articles of clothing etc from the landfill.

This company also takes shoes, blankets, bedding, even soft toys.

The flyer which comes with the collection bags state they collect for REUSE.

If your school doesn't do this it might be good idea to put to the Parents Body.


  1. fab idea - thanks for the heads up on this one. I might promote this on MZW at some point; it looks like a really positive scheme. And you know a bit more about it rather than putting things in a textile bank.

    Your school should be really proud of managing to raise so much money from so few families :)

    When dd was at school, we used to run a 'shop' of second hand wearable uniform. Items would be £1 each or so and the money would go back into the school for projects like the eco committee.
    I don't think I bought a new piece of clothing in all the time she was there and as the school was in quite an economically deprived social area, it was great that as parents we could all help one another out on the finances of school uniform :)

    Happy bank balance, happy planet!

  2. What a wonderful idea! That's a great way to recycle clothes!