Monday, 30 March 2009

This Weeks Landfill Rubbish - Mon 23 - Sun 29 March

Monday 23 Mar :
Cereal packet inner, Yogurt pot lid, yogurt mix packet

Tuesday 24 Mar:
Yogurt pot lid, crisp packet, outer bag from some multipak mini biscuits, mini biscuits bag.
Chicken wrapper

Wednesday 25 Mar:
yogurt pot lid, cheese wrapper, crisp packet , spagetti wrapper,

Thursday 26 Mar:
yogurt mix packet, clingfilm from a cake bought at cakestall, rice bag

Friday 27 Mar:
bag from some sausages

Saturday 28 Mar:
cereal box inner(saved for next week), 2 choc bar wrappers,

Sunday 29 Mar:
Bread roll wrapper, Meat wrapper.

All other waste is either doorstep recycled, composted or taken to the HWRC to be recycled.

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