Friday, 26 June 2009

Clearing things Out

I haven't done anything anywhere near as big as The Green Family for WRAPs recycle week but I have been having abit of a sort out in my filing cabinet.

Suffice it to say the hand shredder has been on overdrive.

Also I have sorted out some more old clothes etc which are past being donated to frinds or charity shop, and luckily we have had Bag 2 School collection today at school, so these items haven't been left taking up lots of valuable room.

My aim over the next few weeks is to tackle little areas for say 1 hour at a time so that it isn't overwhelming but the job still gets done.

Any items which may have a resale value will be put with the car-boot sale items. Anything for recycling that can't go into the doorstep collection will be stored in my recycling centre, for drop off at HWRC at a later date. Anything for donation to charity will also be stored for a convenient drop off.

1 comment:

  1. fabulous! I love having a declutter of my papers as it's the one area that I waste a lot of time on trying to find things and then I get stressed out. This week I bought another filing cabinet and some paper trays . I figured it really was time to get the right tools for the job, so I'm looking forward to sorting all of this and no longer panicking about my 'pending' tray which is threatening to take over my room!