Monday, 1 June 2009

Weekly Weigh In 21

The landfill bin this week weighed in at 173g.

I'm pleased with this, as it is again under my new target of 200g. Averaging 270g per week over the 21 weeks.

There were a few crisp packets, a yogurt mix packet, plastic wrap from some meat,a few sweet wrappers, a couple of bits from the bathroom bin and some other unrecyclable plastic.

Hopefully we can continue along this vein over the coming weeks.

The larger kitchen bin has now been replaced by a smaller bucket sized container, and we shall see how this goes.

I will put another plastic tub on top of this for the boys to put anything they are unsure of into, then I won't be fishing around in the bin for items to sort.


  1. WOW! Congratulations!! :)

    How long have you had the same bag/bin then?
    (I measure stuff in plastic bags, as I haven't dared to weigh anything yet!:)

    Interesting about a separate tub for 'not sure' - great idea! Been thinking of maybe doing something similar myself!! :)
    Do tell how it goes!

  2. Hi Layla,

    I have had the same bag in the bin for nearly 3 months, but also using a separate bag for placing in the landfill bin.

    each day I would check the bin to see what if anything had been put in there, and invariably whatever had could be moved elsewhere.(all too easy to just put in there half the time)

    That is why I made the descision to remove the bin, all the non-recyclable plastic was going into the separate bag anyway so it seemed pointless having 2 on the go. I am the one who empties the bin as and when needed so having an anything else box is no big problem.

    I am also going to change over the bathroom bin, as we are now at the end of the plastic cotton buds and will be moving on to the fairtrade paper ones which are compostable, not much else goes into that bin so it will be easy to sort.

  3. Hi Maisie, Another fab week - this less than 200gms per week is now a frequent achievement; brilliant!

    Well done on making your feelings known to the Radio Times too, their response was favourable and I feel confident you will see a change this week.

    Thanks for posting about the ban the plastic bag petition - there are a couple of links with a double http:, so they are not clickable ;)